Status: deceased


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
Kawolski, level 2
Half-Elf, Ardent
Build: Euphoric Ardent
Ardent Mantle Option: Mantle of Elation
Half-Elf Power Selection Option: Knack for Success
Dark Sun, Inherent Bonuses
Ivory Triangle – Hardened Traveler (+2 to Perception)
Theme: Dune Trader

STR 11, CON 18, DEX 11, INT 8, WIS 12, CHA 18

STR 11, CON 16, DEX 11, INT 8, WIS 12, CHA 16

AC: 15 Fort: 17 Ref: 12 Will: 17
HP: 35 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 8

Bluff +10, Diplomacy +12, Insight +9, Intimidate +10

Acrobatics +0, Arcana +0, Athletics +0, Dungeoneering +2, Endurance +4, Heal +2, History +0, Nature +2, Perception +4, Religion +0, Stealth +0, Streetwise +5, Thievery +0

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Dune Trader Feature: Quick Formation
Half-Elf Racial Power: Knack for Success
Ardent Feature: Ardent Outrage
Ardent Feature: Ardent Surge
Ardent Attack 1: Ire Strike
Ardent Attack 1: Demoralizing Strike
Ardent Attack 1: Battleborn Acuity
Ardent Utility 2: Wellspring of Vigor

Level 1: Weapon Proficiency (Gythka)
Level 2: Bolstering Mantle

Adventurer’s Kit
Hide Armor x1
Gythka x1
Cloak of Resistance +1 x1
== End ==


He grew up never knowing his human father. Raised by his elven mother and her clan, he quickly learned the ways of the dunes and the power of his mind. While never excelling as a hunter or raider, among his tribe there was no one more adept at scavenging or shrewd at trading. His mental powers only increased his reputation as a shrewd negotiator. Nevertheless, he was forbidden to travel with other clan traders to the elven markets in major settlements. The elders and his mother claimed it was to protect him from human influence, but already treated as an inferior member of the tribe, he saw it as his own clan’s shame at his half-blood heritage.

While searching the remains of a castle swallowed by the sand, he made the discovery that would change his life. Nothing, beyond the extreme rarity of the metal, made the hammered silver goblet different from other artifacts his deft hands had uncovered. However, when he held it and brushed the sand from the ancient crest etched into its surface, he made a decision. Rather then return his prize to feed the clan coffers, he ran. He stole a horse and made his way to the nearest city, with the goblet as his stake in a new life. While trying to sell the cup in the elven market, an angry noble accused him of using “mind magic” to cheat him. As this was in fact the case, the boy had to concoct a believable story for the Templars that came to investigate. He claimed hard times had simply forced him to sell an ancient family heirloom. When they demanded his name, he gave only the single word from the goblet’s crest: Kowalski. Before the Templars had a chance to arrest the youth, another noble, Soma Sylvain, came to his defense. Buying the goblet for twice what the boy had asked, he declared his sponsorship of “Kowalski.”

Over the following years, Kowalski flourished as Sylvain’s ward. He became a specialist in the accuisition and retrieval of artifacts, working exclusively for Sylvain. Within five years, his sponsor’s collection of metal rivaled that of any three noble houses combined. His efforts, while never elevating him to the wealth or status of nobility, gave him a social standing on par with the merchant class. Kowalski uncovered so many ruins and brokered so many succeful trades that rumor claimed Kowalski could actually “smell metal.” Meanwhile, his relationship with Sylvain became much closer as he slid into the role of favored “son.” At times, Kowalski allowed himself to fantasize that the man was in fact his long lost human father, but aside from the paternal affection, he never received evidence to actually suggest this possibilty. None of this sat well with Sylvain’s only living son, Serk. Worried about a threat to his future control of House Sylvain, Serk assassinated his father and paid a patrol of Templars to arrest Kowalski for the crime.

Kowalski has been condemned to slavery in a far distant city. While bitter at Serk’s treachery and the loss of his father figure, he has long since abandoned thoughts of revenge for acceptance of life as a slave. He now survives in a familiar role, procuring items and negotiating deals for slave and slaver alike. Kowalski runs betting on gladitorial matches but is rarely forced to compete. He is generally liked by all, except those he owes money to.

Kowalski looks almost completely like a brown haired and eyed human. He is stockier than most elves, and commonly wears a human style goatee. However, his facial features have a slight angularity to them, and his ears taper to distinct Elven points. These ears seem to cause Kowalski some semblance of shame, as he always keeps them covered by a hat, headwrap, or hooded cloak. After defeating a Thri Kreen in single gladitorial combat, he took the creature’s gythka as his own. He came to favor the weapon and now uses it almost exclusively.

Kowalski’s head current resides in a cloth bag.


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